Sunday, 25 June 2017

Tidying up tips

Welcome back Glitter Squad,

I have tried a 5 organisational hacks and DIY's but never a tidying up tips. Again this is what I think are great tips but you are entitled to a different opinion.

Without further ado let's get started!

As soon as you get something out put it away again.
If you do this your floor will be clear becasue everything you are getting out you are putting it away again after you have finished.

Have your bed made.
I find that if your bed is made your romm feels 1000000000 times better becasue your duvet is not scatter around your bed and your pillows aren't all over the floor.

Try and give every item a 'home.'
If you give all your items a 'home' then whenever you are putting it back you know where to put it and also you will always know where your item are.

Don't have anything you don't want in your house.
If you do this then you have space for extra things that you want and it isn't in your way all the time and cluttering up your house. To get 'rid' of it you could sell it, donate it to charity shops and if you have to you could put it in the bin or take it to the tip.

Last but not least you can make a clutter box. I have already done this in another post  but I have used it since I made one so why not menton it again?
  It's so easy to make, all you need is a box of any size depending on how big you want it. Throughout the week you can fill it up.

You do need to make sure you empty it frequently thoguh otherwise it overflows. I empty mine every Tuesday and Saturday to prevent that from happening.

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Bye for now, I will hopefully see you on Saturday.

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Saturday, 24 June 2017

Top ten favourite quotes

Welcome back Glitter Squad.

Today I'm back with another top ten.

This time I'm doing my top ten favourite quotes.








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I hope you have enjoyed this top ten I have a little treat for you because I have realised my link section is quite boring.

Ok people I usually end with word links but for these last few weeks I have been working on pictures for links. All you need to do is click on the picture and it will take you to the 
website. I hope you will enjoy. If something doesn't work just let me know in the comments.

I know the links go slightly off the page, I will try and sort that.

Bye for now

Glitter Queen xx

Sims freeplay series II Bread winner quest II Post 1

Welcome back Glitter Squad!

Today I'm going to be starting a quest series. These blogs will explain what you need to do on a quest and how you do it.

The first post is going to be on the breadwinners quest which happens when you first start sims freeplay.

This is one of the only quests which does not have a time limit.

The first thing is:

Watch Sim Chef on TV
This will take 2 minutes and 42 seconds.
To do this you need to click on the TV and select watch Sim Chef

Buy a stove
You need to tap the button with the chair and umbrella on it and then tap the button that says furniture then you need to locate the kitchen section then scroll along until you find the stove. (the cheapest is 350 simoleons.)

Cook bacon and eggs
This will take 5 minutes.
After you have placed your stove you need to click on it, select cooking and find bacon and eggs and chose to cook it.

Eat bacon and eggs
This will take 10 minutes
When you have cooked it multiple dishes of it will appear on the floor or on a counter. Tap on them and select call to meal.

Clean dishes
This will take 3 seconds.
Once you have finished eating it then an empty plate will appear on a counter or the floor. Press it and select clean up.

Search bookshelf
This will take 2 hours and 21 minutes
Tap on your bookshelf and select search bookshelf.

Buy a toaster
In the kitchen section of the home store cheapest is 750 simoleons.

Cook cheese and tomato on toast
This will take 1 minute
After you have placed your toaster in the kitchen you need to tap on the stove and select cooking then you need to tap on the option chese and tomato on toast.
Note: I recommend using the same sim twice to do this cooking becasue later on in this quest you need to cook burgers which requires a sim at level to in the cooking hobby.

Eat cheese and tomato on toast
This will take 10 minutes
Follow the same instructions as the eat bacon and eggs.

Invite a sim over
Go onto the sim tracker and click on the whistle (it won't let you do this if your sim is busy.)

Cook burgers
This takes 20 minutes
Now you will need to cook burgers. Again follow the same instructions as cook cheese and tomato on toast but instad you ned to select burgers.
Remember:you can only do this with a sim level 2 at cooking. If you dont have any sims that are level 2 then make them do some more cooking until they are.

Call to meal
This takes 10 minutes
Click on the burgers and select call to meal.

Rest your eyes on a couch
This takes 4 minutes 30 seconds.
Click on the sofa and select rest eyes.

Weldone you've completed your first quest on the sims free play. You now have unlocked the cooking hobby!

Im very sorry for not posting last week. I'm currently working on ideas for blogs and would really appreciate you commenting ideas below. Just so you have further notice, I might not be posting next week as I have a very different weekend. If I do post it will probably late afternoon early evening on the Sunday.

I hope you have enjoyed the first episode of my sims series the next post will be on the money grows on trees quest which I have no idea when I will post it. Neither with the mineraft I will have to ask neon diamond as it is a collab with sim.

Bye for now

Glitter queen xx

Can I just metion the ICC womens cricket world cup begins today.


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