Thursday, 20 April 2017

March Favourites 2017

Sorry I couldn't post last weekend but I'm doing an extra post this week (this one) to make up for it.

Welcome back >_<

Today im going to show you my march favourites hat I enjoyed last month.

10)Magnet Pencil pots

I really like these because they are magnetic so you can put it anywhere. I got them from TIGER and they are avaliable in pink and black.

9)Lush Magic Wand

This month I have really enjoyed having a lush product to go with my bath/shower especially the lush magic wand

8)DIY heart

I decided to make a DIY plushie and I have enjoyed putting it up in different places around my room. I will try and post a blog one time on how to make it.

7) Linen Tape

I found this linen tape in hobbycraft and it is really cool because it's like washi tape but you can create your own pattern on it.

6)Spiral bobbles

At Claires, i brought some spiral bobbles. I prefer these to normal bobbles becuase they don't hurt as much when you take them out or having it in your hair throughout the day.

5)Streching band

This is a great stretching band to use and can help take your stretching to the next level. It is a Limber Stretch London product and has a great quality.

4)Glitter Pencilcase

This pencil case was brought at WHsmith and again is of really great quality. It has multiple pockets (in the middle and at the sides) and the best thing is it's really glittery and sparkly.

3)Glitter Ombres

Im obsessed with these patterns right now and I love to put them in background on pics like you saw on my blog of 10 organisational hacks and DIY's because I put a glitter ombre background of the Whiteboard.

2)Zoella Lets spritz

I love this perfume so much and it smells sooo nice. I like how on the packaging they have nice flowers in the background of the perfume and the perfume is pink, however the pink doesn't show up on your skin.

1) The Hunger Games

 I think The Hunger Games is a great series of books. I contains 3 books and I think is a great book to read.

Sorry that there are no pictures on the blog because I haven't had a chance to upload because we have been on holiday. I will try to add pics on some time.


The Glitter Queen (me):

The Diamond King (my brother):

My family:

What we got up to on our holiday will be going up on our blog soon.

Bye for now Glitter Squad

The Glitter Queen xx

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