Saturday, 22 April 2017

An Experiment you should try

Welcome back glitter squad 😃😃😃

Today I'm going to try an experiment and a great hack that I think you should attempt. You don't need much for it and anything you need you can just find it around the house.

Equipment needed:

  • cups x3 (ideally of the same height)
  • 3 knifes (again ideally of the same length)

This expirment allows you to have a holder to place something in the middle like the picture below.

this is what mine turned out like

The first step is you need to place the 3 cups in a triangle.

Then you need to put the knifes in a triangle (that will stay there when you let go.)

Now it should be strong enough to hold something on the knifes.

I had so much fun doing this. It might take a few tries to get it right but you will get it in the end. I like that the equipment needed for it can just be found around your house.

I hope you enjoyed this blog.

The Glitter Queen xx


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