Sunday, 27 August 2017

Sims freeplay seriesII Love is in the air questII Post 3

Welcome back Glitter Squad,

Today I'm going to be talking through with you the 3rd quest in the sims freeplay called love is in the air. Let's get started!!

Love is in the air

When you finish the money grows on trees quest you will move onto the love is in the air quest. When you complete this quest it will allow you to get your sims married.

This is the first quest which you have a time limit for. The time limit for this quest is 2 days. If you complete it in the time limit you get an extra prize of wedding outfits (totally worth it!!!)

Quick rinse- 6 seconds.

Tap and the shower and select quick rinse.

Get to sims in one house

Click the whistle button on the sim tracker to bring a sim the the house.

Be romantic- 1 minute

Tap on one of the sims and select be romantic.

Make an espresso- 20 seconds

Click on your coffee machine and select make an espresso.

Form a budding romance

Keep on being romantic until you form a budding romance

Have 2 sims watching a movie- 1 hour 43 minutes

Click on the tv and select watch movie with the second sim you need to press join in.

Form a dating relationship 

Be romantic a few times until you find out you have formed a dating relationship.

Kiss on the cheek- 2 seconds

Click on the sim and select kiss on the cheek. They need to be dating to do this.

Send a sim home

On the sim tracker select the house with the arrow on.

Have a catnap- 27 minutes

Click on the bed and select have a catnap.

Have to sims in the same house

Click the whistle in the simtracker.

Be romantic to another sim- 1 minute

Click on the sim and select be romantic

Become partners

Be romantic until this happens.

Woohoo- 5 minutes

Click on the sim and select woohoo.

Buy 2 roses in the garden section

Get engaged- 6 seconds

Click on the sim and select get engaged

Chat about engagment on phone- 4 hours 30 seconds

Tap on your phone and select chat about engagment.

Make 2 engadged sims move in together- 4 seconds

Click on the sim (when they are together) and select ask to move in.

Have 3 sims in one house

Click on the whistle in the sim tracker.

Get married- 6 seconds

Be romantic until option is avaliable.

Well done you've completed the quest. 

Thanks for taking your time to read this. The sims series blogs do take a while to make. 

Love you all see you next week on saturday!!

Bye for now

Glitter Queen xx

Saturday, 29 July 2017

Products you should try

Welcome back Glitter Squad

Today I'm back with a post on my favourite products that I highly recommend.

I have also done a video to go with this blog so don't forget to check that out. 

Check in the link section at the end of this post to see my channel.

Let's go!!

This is a light box. You can get these anywhere but I will link in the link section where I got mine. Think this is so good because you can change the words with the letters they provide you and they come with some cute star and heart symbols to go on it.

This  is a soundsquare I think it is really good becasue you can play anything on there making the sound much louder and it can be used with a cable and bluetooth. Personally I love using it as when I want to go outside instead of risking cracking your device you can just take the soundsquare outside and play music.

This is a wobble board. Its really cool and its a good quality material. This was from Tiger. You have to try and not fall off it or have any of the edges touching the floor.

This is an Ice star tray also from Tiger, you can put any juice or water or fizz in it and place it in the freezer. When it is frozen completely you can put them in your drink of anywhere you like really. I usually use 2-3 stars per drink.


This is a really cute mint green bottle from accesorize. I think its cool how its clear and has a cover with hearts in it. I also love how it has a little handle on the top.

As I love Zoella here are a few of my favourite products:

They are the:

Lets Spritz Body Fragrance and the

Kissy Missy Lip balm.

The body frangrance has an amaizing smell and the lip balm adds a cute touch of pink to your lip. These are avaliable in Boots and Superdrug.

This is a little LCD cleaner. I really love this pink and you can also get it in loads of different examples like my brother has a dog one of these. They are soooo fluffy!
I have recently just broughtsome of the new zoella products and will hopefully show you those in another post!
I hope you enjoyed this blog! Don't forget to come back next week for more!

Bye for now

Glitter Queen xx

Saturday, 15 July 2017

Sims freeplay series II Money grows on trees quest II Post 2

Welcome back Glitter Squad,

This is the second episode of my new Sims freeplay series. Todays blog is all about the money grows on trees quest. Before you read this make sure you have read the breadwinners quest blog. The breadwinners quest is the quest that happens before the money grows on trees quest.

Money grows on trees
This is another quest that does not have a time limit so there is no need to rush it.
There is no prize for this quest but when you complete it you unlock the simoleon sprout.

The simoleon sprout is when every 4 hours hours if you click on the garden patch then it comes up with simoleon sprout it rolls around different plants.

Here are the combinations:

3 pumpkins: $15,000
2 pumpkins: $1,250
3 purple things (I don't know what they're called.): $5,000
2 purple things: $750
3 peppers: $2,500
2 peppers: $500

1 pepper, one purple thing and 1 pumpkin: $350

The simoleon sprout cost $250 simleons to do it but it is worth it because you will always win at least $100 simoleons.

The first thing is:

Grow some carrots
Growing carrots takes 5 minutes
To do this click on the garden patch and select grow carrots.

Watch a documentary
This takes 54 minutes
Click on the TV and you will have a number of options what you need to click is documentary at the bottom.

Make a double shot of coffee.
It takes 1 minute
Click on the coffe machine and select double shot. If a blue footprint or a red cross appears above the sims head I recommend you read this post.

Grow a simoleon Sprout.
Click on the garden patch and select grown simoleon sprout.

Well done you've completed this quest.

I hope you have enjoyed this sims series so far. The next quest is the love is in the air quest which enables your sims to marry.

Bye for now

Glitter Queen xx


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Sunday, 9 July 2017

Helping my brother with his youtube

Welcome back glitter squad,

I decided to surprise you with a mid week and a very different blog.

So my brother thought that he had only done one video on his YouTube and wanted to create weekly vids on mine craft for hopefully his new fans.  After many failed attempts he finally got the hang of it and started to talk the the camera. He still needs to learn to not stutter on the camera and stop having long pauses but he is learning.

He will be uploading on Sunday.

I'm happy that we are both trying to re launch our channels at the same time so we can give eachother tips.

This was just a little random blog because I thought I needed to blog this because I felt so proud watching him learning.

Bye for now see you Saturday

Glitter queen xx

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Saturday, 8 July 2017

Running tips

Welcome back Glitter Squad,

These hacks can also be used in other sports.

Just so you know this post will be based on what I think is a good idea during sports and also tips  I think could be useful.

Listening to music

When you listen to music when your running I find that you run to the beat of your music. Tip: If you are going to try this hack I recommend you chose a song/album that has a beat that you would like to. What I want to do is create a playlist of music that I like to run to.

Stretching before and after

Stretching helps loosen up your muscles whilst taking part in your run. Even if you don't usually go for a run I reccommend you stretch regualy becasue it makes you feel so much better.

Warming up

Warming up gets your muscles prepared for the sport you are about to do. It gets your heart pumping and you blood circulating around your body.

Cooling down

Cool down makes your muscles and body relaxed again after the excerise you have just done. 


Hydration is the most important thing you need before a run. You need it becadsue 60% of your body
is made of water. Without it you wouldn't be able to sweat.


I don't know about you but I get stitch quite a lot. Heres how to solve it.

Tip 1: Take a death breath in and a deep breath out while you're still running.

Tip 2: Put your arms up in the air whilst your still running.

I would just like to say thank you for taking your time to read this blog.

I will hopefully see you next Saturday with another.

Bye for now

Glitter Queen xx

I used a website called cool text to make the words please check it out. (This is NOT a sponsor.)


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